BabyTron: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Height and Weight

BabyTron, whose real name is James Edward Johnson III, is an American rapper who has gained significant attention in the music industry. He rose to fame with his hit song “Jesus Shuttlesworth” from his debut album “Bin Reaper,” which went viral in 2020. BabyTron is known for his unique style and has become one of the fastest-growing rappers in the United States, with popular tracks like “100 Bars” and “Out on Bond.”

Profile Summary

Full Name James Edward Johnson III
Nickname BabyTron
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 6, 2000
Age 24 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan, United States
Current Residence Detroit, Michigan, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight 132 pounds (60 kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Father Mr. Sadistic
Siblings 1 sister
Relationship Status Single
High School Ypsilanti Lincoln High School (Graduated in 2019)

Who is BabyTron?

BabyTron was born on June 6, 2000, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He is currently 24 years old. As a Gemini, BabyTron embodies the dual nature often associated with his zodiac sign. He is an American national of mixed descent and has made a name for himself in the rap industry with his distinct voice and creative lyrics.

Growing up in Detroit, BabyTron was influenced by the vibrant music scene. His father, known by the stage name Mr. Sadistic, was a legendary rapper, likely playing a significant role in BabyTron’s early interest in music. He was raised alongside his sister in a supportive family environment that encouraged his musical pursuits.

BabyTron attended Ypsilanti Lincoln High School, where he graduated in 2019. During high school, he developed his rapping skills and formed important connections that would later shape his career. His time in high school was marked by a growing passion for music and the early stages of his rapping journey.

BabyTron Height and Weight


BabyTron is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs approximately 132 pounds (60 kg). His dark brown hair and brown eyes complement his striking appearance. These physical attributes and his unique style contribute to his stage presence and public persona.

BabyTron currently resides in Detroit, Michigan, where he continues to work on his music. He is known to be single and focuses primarily on his career. Despite his rising fame, BabyTron remains grounded and values his family, especially the influence of his father, Mr. Sadistic. His relationship with his family is an integral part of his personal life.

Career Beginnings

BabyTron’s rapping career began while he was still in high school. He met StanWill and TrDee, and together, they formed the rap group ShittyBoyz. The trio released their first song, “No Hook 3,” in January 2018, which marked the beginning of BabyTron’s journey in the music industry. The group’s initial releases helped them gain a following and set the stage for their future success.

BabyTron gained widespread recognition with the release of his debut album “Bin Reaper” on October 30, 2019. The album featured the viral hit “Jesus Shuttlesworth,” which brought him significant attention. His collaborations with well-known artists like Lil Yachty, Sada Baby, Icewear Vezzo, and Peezy further boosted his popularity. Since then, BabyTron has released multiple albums showcasing his growth as an artist.


BabyTron has an impressive discography that includes several albums, singles, and EPs, showcasing his versatility and ability to connect with his audience. His notable songs include “Jugg Mesiah” (2018), “Heat Check” (2018), “Punch God 2” (2019), “Flawless Victory” (2019), “New Year Same You” (2020), “Larry Lobster” (2020), “Blizzard Talk” (2020), “Cade Cunningham” (2021), “Day In Ferndale” (2021), “Chess Players” (2022), “Blah Blah Blah” (2022), “See Yall in June” (2023), “Psilocybin” (2023), and “$1 m” (2023). Each track highlights BabyTron’s unique style and growing influence in the rap industry.

Social Media Presence

BabyTron has a strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram and YouTube. His Instagram account, @babytron, boasts a large following, and he regularly updates his fans about his life and music. With 397 thousand subscribers, his self-titled YouTube channel features music videos and other content, further expanding his reach and influence.

In February 2023, BabyTron was arrested in Van Buren, Michigan, for allegedly possessing controlled substances. He was released on bond later that month. This incident inspired him to release an EP titled “Out On Bond,” reflecting his experiences and emotions during that time. Despite this setback, BabyTron has focused on his music and career.

BabyTron’s Net Worth


BabyTron has achieved remarkable success in the rap industry, with his net worth reaching $1.5 million as of 2024. This impressive net worth is primarily earned through his music career, including album sales, streaming revenue, live performances, and collaborations with other notable artists.

BabyTron’s influence on the rap industry is evident in his growing fan base and the respect he has earned from fellow artists. His unique style and creative approach to music have set him apart in the industry. BabyTron’s impact extends beyond his music, as he continues to inspire younger artists and contribute to the cultural landscape of rap.

Final Thoughts

BabyTron’s journey from a high school rapper to a rising star in the American rap scene is a testament to his talent and determination. With successful releases and a dedicated fan base, BabyTron has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As he continues to evolve as an artist, there is no doubt that BabyTron’s influence and legacy will continue to grow.


How old is BabyTron?

BabyTron is 24 years old as of 2024. He was born on June 6, 2000.

What is BabyTron’s real name?

BabyTron’s real name is James Edward Johnson III.

Where is BabyTron from?

BabyTron hails from Detroit, Michigan, United States.

What is BabyTron’s net worth?

BabyTron’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million as of 2024.

What are some of BabyTron’s top songs?

Some of BabyTron’s top songs include “Jesus Shuttlesworth,” “100 Bars,” “Out on Bond,” “See Yall in June,” and “Psilocybin.”

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