Caroline Smedvig: Life, Career, and Net Worth of James Taylor’s Wife

Caroline Smedvig is best known as the wife of renowned American singer-songwriter James Taylor. She has also had a distinguished career in journalism and arts management. This article delves into the life of Caroline Smedvig, highlighting her early years, career, family life, and current activities.

Profile Summary

Full Name Caroline Smedvig
Date of Birth May 31, 1953
Age 71 years
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Place of Birth Albany, New York, USA
Current Residence Lenox, Massachusetts, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 146 pounds (66 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Father Albert Hessberg II
Mother Elisabeth Fitzsimons Goold
Siblings 2 (Albert Hessberg III and Philip)
Marital Status Married
Spouse James Taylor
Net Worth $2 million

Caroline Smedvig’s Early Life

Caroline Smedvig was born on May 31, 1953, in Albany, New York, USA. She is the only daughter of Elisabeth Fitzsimons Goold and Albert Hessberg II. Caroline was raised alongside her two brothers, Albert Hessberg III and Philip. Her father was a prominent lawyer in Albany, and her mother passed away in 1991. Caroline’s father died of cancer on January 24, 1995.

Caroline attended Albany Academy for Girls, graduating in 1971. She then went to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she graduated in 1975. Her early education laid the foundation for her future career in journalism and the arts.

How Old is Caroline Smedvig?

Caroline Smedvig was born on May 31, 1953, making her 71 years old as of 2024. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She holds American nationality, belongs to the white ethnicity, and practices Christianity.

Caroline Smedvig stands 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimeters) tall and weighs approximately 146 pounds (66 kilograms). She has blonde hair and brown eyes. These physical attributes complement her poised and elegant demeanor.

Journalism Career

Caroline began her career as a journalist while still in college. She worked part-time at Knickerbocker News in Albany, New York. After graduation, she interned at The New York Times and worked for The Associated Press. Caroline also spent time at Springfield Daily News. Her work in journalism was marked by a commitment to accuracy and integrity.

Caroline’s experience in journalism provided her with valuable communication and public relations skills, which would later serve her well in her career at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In 1980, Caroline joined the Boston Symphony Orchestra as the director of public relations and marketing. She held this position for 25 years and made significant contributions to the organization. Caroline’s role involved managing the orchestra’s public image, promoting concerts, and handling media relations. Her work helped enhance the orchestra’s reputation and reach a broader audience.

During her tenure, Caroline also sang in the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. She collaborated with photographer Lincoln Russell on the book Seiji: An Intimate Portrait of Seiji Ozawa, which was published in 1998. This book offered a unique insight into the life of the famous conductor.

Marriage to James Taylor

Caroline Smedvig

Caroline Smedvig met James Taylor in 1993 while working at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. James was performing with John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra. Their romantic relationship began in 1995, and after dating for about six years, they got married in February 2001 at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Boston.

James Taylor had been previously married to Kathryn Walker and Carly Simon. Caroline was previously married to Rolf Thorstein Smedvig, a classical trumpeter who passed away in 2015.

Family Life

Caroline and James Taylor have twin sons, Rufus and Henry, born through surrogacy in April 2001. The family lives in Lenox, Massachusetts. Caroline and James have maintained a stable and loving relationship, supporting each other throughout their careers.

Caroline’s role as a mother has been central to her life. She has balanced her professional and personal responsibilities, ensuring a nurturing environment for her children.

Caroline’s collaboration with Lincoln Russell on the book “Seiji: An Intimate Portrait of Seiji Ozawa” is a testament to her dedication to the arts. The book captures the essence of Seiji Ozawa’s career and personal life, providing readers with an intimate look at the conductor’s world.

Caroline’s work in the arts extends beyond her role at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She has been involved in various cultural projects, contributing to the enrichment of the arts community.

Personal Life and Interests

Caroline has a wide range of interests and hobbies. She is passionate about music and literature, reflecting her diverse background in journalism and the arts. Caroline is also involved in philanthropic activities, supporting causes close to her heart.

A commitment to family and community marks her personal life. Caroline and James Taylor have created a close-knit family, and their home in Lenox is a hub of cultural and social activities.

Caroline Smedvig Today

Today, Caroline Smedvig lives with her husband, James Taylor, in Lenox, Massachusetts. She remains involved in various cultural and community activities. Caroline’s life is a blend of professional achievements and personal fulfillment.

Caroline’s relationship with James Taylor continues to be strong, with the couple supporting each other’s endeavors. Her contributions to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and her work in journalism have left a lasting impact.

Caroline Smedvig’s net worth is estimated at $2 million as of 2024. Her husband, James Taylor, has an approximately $80 million net worth.

Final Thoughts

Caroline Smedvig’s life is a remarkable journey of dedication, talent, and love. From her early days as a journalist to her significant role at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Caroline has made a notable impact. Her marriage to James Taylor and their life together in Lenox, Massachusetts, adds another layer of richness to her story. Caroline’s legacy in the arts and her commitment to family and community continue to inspire those around her.


How old is Caroline Smedvig?

Caroline Smedvig is 71 years old as of 2024.

What is Caroline Smedvig’s profession?

Caroline Smedvig is a former journalist and ex-director of public relations and marketing at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

How many children does Caroline Smedvig have?

Caroline Smedvig has twin sons, Rufus and Henry, born in April 2001.

Who is Caroline Smedvig married to?

Caroline Smedvig is married to American singer-songwriter James Taylor.

What is Caroline Smedvig’s net worth?

Caroline Smedvig’s net worth is $2 million as of 2024.

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