Get to Know Derek Tisdelle: All About Michelle Morgan’s Husband

Derek Tisdelle is a Canadian film producer and investor married to Michelle Morgan, a Canadian actress famous for her role as Samantha Louise on the TV show Heartland. Despite marrying a celebrity, Derek maintains a low profile, rarely appearing publicly with his wife.

Profile Summary

Full Name Derek Tisdelle
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 159 pounds
Date of Birth 13 May
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Marital Status Married
Spouse Michelle Morgan
Wedding Date 30 June 2012
Children 3
Profession Film producer, investor
Net Worth $1 million

Who is Derek Tisdelle?

Derek Tisdelle is more than just Michelle Morgan’s husband. He is a professional in the film industry, specifically in producing short films.

Derek’s work includes notable projects like “Save Yourself” and “Mi Madre, My Father.” His career as a producer and investor showcases his dedication to the film industry, although he prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Derek Tisdelle was born and raised in Canada. He celebrates his birthday on 13 May, and his zodiac sign is Taurus. While his exact year of birth remains unknown, sources suggest he is in his early 40s. Derek’s early life details are scarce, reflecting his privacy preference.

How Old is Derek Tisdelle?

Derek Tisdelle was born on 13 May; his exact birth year is unknown, but he is in his early 40s as of 2024. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He is Canadian and of white ethnicity, and his religion is not publicly known.

Derek Tisdelle is 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighs 159 pounds, and has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Relationship with Michelle Morgan

Derek Tisdelle

Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan have been married since 30 June 2012. After several years of dating, they met at a supermarket in Alberta, Canada, and decided to marry. Their marriage has lasted over a decade, reflecting a strong and enduring relationship.

The couple has three children. Their eldest daughter, Mara Carmen, was born on 1 April 2011. She is currently 12 years old, and her star sign is Aries.

Their son, Noah Santiago, was born on September 30, 2013, and is 9 years old. His star sign is Libra. In July 2022, Derek and Michelle welcomed their youngest child, Celeste. The family enjoys a close-knit and supportive relationship, although they keep their private lives out of the public eye.

Professional Career

Derek Tisdelle has carved out a successful career in the film industry. He is known for producing short films, with notable works including “Save Yourself” and “Mi Madre, My Father.”

His role as a producer involves overseeing the creation and development of film projects, ensuring their successful completion.

In addition to his work as a producer, Derek is also an investor. His investments likely extend beyond the film industry, contributing to his financial success. Derek’s professional endeavors showcase his commitment to his career, even though he avoids the spotlight.

While Derek Tisdelle prefers to stay behind the scenes, his support for Michelle Morgan’s career is evident.

Michelle is a renowned actress, writer, director, and producer with a successful career in the entertainment industry. Derek’s role as a supportive partner has undoubtedly contributed to Michelle’s achievements.

Although Derek and Michelle have no known collaborative projects, their partnership is marked by mutual support and encouragement. Derek’s understanding of the film industry likely provides valuable insights and guidance for Michelle’s career.

Something About Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan is a Canadian actress, writer, director, and producer best known for her role as Lou Fleming on the TV show Heartland.

Michelle was born on July 16, 1981, in Calgary, Alberta, and has always loved the arts. She studied Theatre and classical literature at the University of Toronto. In addition to Heartland, Michelle has acted in Diary of the Dead and The L Word.

She also directs and produces, working on various short films and TV episodes. Michelle’s career shows her wide-ranging talent in the entertainment industry.

Derek Tisdelle’s Net Worth

Derek Tisdelle’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. This wealth is primarily derived from his film producer and investor career. His financial success reflects his dedication to his professional endeavors.

In comparison, Michelle Morgan has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Her wealth comes from her multifaceted actress, writer, director, and producer career. Together, Derek and Michelle form a financially successful couple, with their combined efforts contributing to their prosperity.

Final Thoughts

Derek Tisdelle is a successful film producer and investor known for his marriage to Michelle Morgan. Despite his connection to a famous actress, Derek prefers a low-profile lifestyle, focusing on his career and family. His support for Michelle’s career and his professional achievements make him a significant figure in their partnership. Derek’s life and career reflect a blend of dedication, privacy, and success, making him an intriguing individual worth knowing about.


Who is Derek Tisdelle?

Derek Tisdelle is a Canadian film producer and investor known for being the husband of actress Michelle Morgan.

What is Derek Tisdelle’s profession?

Derek Tisdelle is a film producer and investor whose notable works include “Save Yourself” and “Mi Madre, My Father.”

When did Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan get married?

Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan got married on 30 June 2012.

How many children do Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan have?

Derek Tisdelle and Michelle Morgan have three children: two daughters, Mara Carmen and Celeste, and a son, Noah Santiago.

What is Derek Tisdelle’s net worth?

Derek Tisdelle has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

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