FlyFrontier: America’s Greenest Budget Airline Detailed Guide

FlyFrontier, operating from its base in Denver, Colorado, has carved a niche in the aviation industry as America’s greenest airline. With a focus on being 43% more fuel-efficient compared to other carriers, Frontier Airlines offers an economical and environmentally friendly option for travellers. This article explores what makes FlyFrontier a preferred choice, covering fare options, booking processes, and important policies every traveller should know before they board.

About FlyFrontier

Since its establishment, Frontier Airlines has prioritized both affordability and sustainability. This dual focus is evident in every aspect of its operations, from its fleet choice to customer service strategies. Frontier’s fleet primarily consists of the Airbus A320neo, known for its fuel efficiency, which supports the airline’s mission to minimize its ecological footprint.

Each Frontier aircraft features a distinctive animal design on its tail, representing different species and their habitats. This unique branding effort doubles as an educational campaign, raising awareness about biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Environmental Initiatives

Frontier Airlines stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. The use of lightweight seats and biodegradable cups onboard are just a few examples of Frontier’s efforts to reduce waste and energy consumption. Such initiatives demonstrate how the airline not only talks the talk but also walks the walk in terms of eco-friendliness.

The choice of A320neo aircraft plays a critical role in making Frontier Airlines 43% more fuel-efficient than other U.S. airlines. This efficiency not only helps keep fares low but also significantly lowers the carbon footprint of each flight, aligning with the broader goals of reducing environmental impact.

Traveling with FlyFrontier


FlyFrontier offers two main fare classes: the standard fare and the Discount Den. The standard fare includes the basics, allowing passengers to travel light with one free personal item. The Discount Den membership, priced at $59.99 annually, offers access to lower fares and benefits like ‘Kids Fly Free’ under specific conditions, appealing to families and frequent travellers.

Booking a flight with Frontier Airlines might seem straightforward, but travellers should be aware of potential additional charges. For instance, while booking, customers might be prompted to pay extra for seat assignments or checked baggage, which can increase the overall cost of travel.

Additional Costs and Policies

Understanding Frontier’s baggage policy is crucial. Passengers are encouraged to travel light, ideally with just a backpack, to avoid hefty baggage fees. Early bag check-in online can save money, with fees starting at $60 per bag if done at booking, escalating to $99 if left until the last minute.

Flight changes and cancellations are an area where fees can accumulate. Frontier Airlines charges varying fees based on how close the change is to the departure date, with the fee waived entirely if the change is made more than 60 days in advance. However, cancellation fees apply unless the ticket is refunded within seven days of departure.

Passenger Experience

While Frontier Airlines is budget-friendly, it is important to set appropriate expectations regarding comfort. The seats are described as basic and offer limited legroom, which might not be suitable for long-haul flights or passengers with mobility issues.

Customer service experiences with Frontier can vary. While some passengers commend the airline for its affordability, others have faced challenges, particularly with issues like delayed flights or baggage handling. Reviews of suggest that while the airline is cost-effective, there may be compromises in service quality.

Safety and Precautions

Frontier Airlines follows stringent safety protocols, including mandatory masks and temperature checks before boarding. These measures ensure that both passengers and crew maintain the highest safety standards amid ongoing health concerns.

Frontier strives to maintain punctuality, but like any airline, it can experience delays. Passengers are advised to check their flight status regularly and arrive at the airport at least two hours before their flight to navigate any potential delays smoothly.


FlyFrontier offers a compelling choice for budget-conscious travellers who are also mindful of their environmental impact. While it offers significant savings, particularly through its Discount Den program, passengers should be prepared for a no-frills experience and be proactive in managing bookings to avoid extra fees.

Frontier Airlines provides an economical way to fly, but it’s important to understand what the experience entails. By doing so, travellers can ensure a pleasant journey while supporting an airline that values sustainability and affordability.


1. What makes Frontier Airlines more eco-friendly than other airlines?

Frontier Airlines utilizes A320neo aircraft, which are 43% more fuel-efficient compared to other carriers and incorporate sustainable practices like lightweight seating and biodegradable cups.

2. What are the fare options available with Frontier Airlines?

Frontier offers two primary fare types: Standard, which includes basic travel necessities, and Discount Den, which provides access to lower fares, special deals, and benefits such as ‘Kids Fly Free’ under certain conditions.

3. How can passengers avoid extra fees when flying with Frontier Airlines?

To avoid extra fees, book baggage and seat assignments early, preferably at the time of ticket purchase. Also, be aware of pop-ups during booking that may lead to additional charges.

4. What are Frontier Airlines’ policies on baggage?

Frontier encourages passengers to travel light with only a personal item for free. Additional baggage fees start at $60 when booked online and increase to $99 if handled at the airport.

5. How does Frontier handle flight changes and cancellations?

Frontier charges a fee for changes made less than 60 days before departure. Cancellations made within seven days of the flight are eligible for a refund, minus a cancellation fee, unless covered by the ‘Flight Flexibility’ option.

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