Gemi Bordelon: Life, Career, and Net Worth, of Ben Bordelon’s Wife

Gemi Bordelon became an internet sensation in 2020 due to her memorable dance in the #GetTheGatChallenge at the White House. As the wife of former LSU Tigers football player Ben Bordelon, Gemi has captured public attention for her dance moves and her successful career as a businesswoman.

Profile Summary

Full Name Gemi Bordelon
Date of Birth February 1, 1975
Age 49 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Married
Husband Ben Bordelon
Children Three
Height 5’4″ (165 cm)
Weight 127 lbs (58 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Education Louisiana State University (LSU)
Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth $1 million (as of 2024)
Current Residence Raceland, Louisiana, USA
Connection to LSU Wife of former LSU player

Who is Gemi Bordelon?

Gemi Bordelon is well-known as the wife of Ben Bordelon, a former LSU Tigers football player and NFL player for the San Diego Chargers. Beyond her connection to Ben, Gemi has carved out her path to success. She is a recognized entrepreneur with a fun-loving personality, as evidenced by her viral TikTok video.

Gemi Bordelon was born in Louisiana, USA on February 1, 1975. She spent her childhood in Louisiana, growing up in a supportive family environment. Gemi attended Glenbrook High School, graduating in 1994. This was confirmed by a 2014 Facebook post celebrating her 20-year class reunion. After high school, she reportedly attended Louisiana State University (LSU), further solidifying her connection to the LSU community.

How Old is Gemi Bordelon?

Gemi Bordelon was born on February 1, 1975, making her 49 years old as of 2024. An American national of white ethnicity, she falls under the Aquarius zodiac sign and follows Christianity.

Gemi Bordelon is 5’4″ (165 cm) tall and weighs 127 lbs (58 kg). Her striking appearance, which includes blonde hair and brown eyes, complements her vibrant personality.

Gemi Bordelon’s Personal Life

Gemi Bordelon

Gemi Bordelon married Ben Bordelon and built a happy family life together. The couple has three children: two boys and one girl.

Their daughter, Brooke Bordelon, completed her studies at LSU in 2020. In 2022, Brooke married Grant Gauthreaux, a former LSU football player, at Elvis Chapel. The Bordelon family currently resides in Raceland, Louisiana, USA.

Career and Professional Life

Gemi Bordelon is a successful entrepreneur, though details of her business ventures are private. Her professional accomplishments are significant, contributing to her wealth. Despite her husband’s prominence in the sports world, Gemi has made a name for herself through her entrepreneurial efforts.

Gemi Bordelon gained widespread attention in 2020 when a TikTok video of her dancing to the song “Get the Gat” went viral. The video was recorded on January 17, 2020, during the LSU Tigers’ visit to the White House to celebrate their national college football championship victory. Before Gemi was identified in the video, many viewers speculated she might be an LSU team employee or a White House staff member. The mystery was solved when her daughter, Brooke, tweeted, “It would be my mother,” confirming Gemi’s identity.

Social Media Presence

Gemi’s viral dance video brought her significant attention on social media. Her fun-loving personality shone through in the video, earning her a place in the hearts of many viewers. While Gemi does not have a highly active public social media presence, her viral moment resonates with fans online.

Gemi Bordelon’s Connection to LSU

Gemi Bordelon’s connection to LSU is multifaceted. Her husband, Ben Bordelon, played football for the LSU Tigers before starting a professional career with the San Diego Chargers. After retiring from football, Ben transitioned into the business world, joining Bollinger Shipyards, founded by his grandfather, Donald G. Bollinger.

Ben started as a Project Manager in 2000, became Executive Vice President of Repair in 2013, and later Chief Operating Officer. In 2014, he succeeded his uncle Boysie as President and CEO. Gemi’s participation in the LSU Tigers’ White House visit further highlighted her strong ties to the LSU community.

Gemi Bordelon’s public image is that of a fun-loving, dynamic individual. Her viral TikTok video showcased her lively personality and ability to engage with people. This public image has endeared her to many, highlighting her connection to the LSU community and her supportive role in her husband’s career.

Gemi Bordelon’s Net Worth

Gemi Bordelon

Gemi Bordelon’s estimated net worth is $1 million as of 2024, reflecting her successful career as a businesswoman. While her specific business ventures remain private, her accomplishments in the entrepreneurial world are well-recognized. Her ability to balance professional success with a vibrant personal life has made her a notable figure.

Final Thoughts

Gemi Bordelon is more than just the wife of a former football player. She is a successful businesswoman, a loving mother, and a vibrant personality who captured the internet’s attention with her dance moves. Her story is personal and professional success, deeply intertwined with her connection to LSU and supportive family life. Gemi’s viral moment at the White House will be remembered as a highlight of her engaging and spirited personality.


Who is Gemi Bordelon?

Gemi Bordelon is an American businesswoman and the wife of former LSU Tigers football player Ben Bordelon.

What is Gemi Bordelon’s age?

Gemi Bordelon is 49 years old as of 2024, born on February 1, 1975.

What is Gemi Bordelon’s connection to LSU?

Gemi is the wife of former LSU Tigers football player Ben Bordelon. She gained attention through her viral TikTok dance video during LSU’s visit to the White House.

Where is Gemi Bordelon from?

Gemi Bordelon is from Louisiana, USA.

What is Gemi Bordelon’s profession?

Gemi Bordelon is a successful entrepreneur, although her specific business ventures are private knowledge.

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