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Joe Costner, born on January 31, 1988, in Los Angeles County, California, is not just known as the son of Hollywood legend Kevin Costner but is a notable figure in his own right within the entertainment industry. Unlike many celebrity children who pursue the limelight of acting, Joe has carved a successful career behind the scenes as an audio engineer and production sound mixer. This detailed article explores Joe Costner’s life, his early roles in film, his professional journey in sound engineering, and his insights, providing a full portrait of a private yet influential figure in Hollywood.

Profile Summary

Full Name Joe Tedrick Costner
Date of Birth January 31, 1988
Age 36 years old
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Place of Birth Los Angeles County, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 190 pounds
Net Worth $2 million
Father’s Name Kevin Costner
Mother’s Name Cindy Silva
Siblings Annie Costner, Lily Costner, Liam Costner (half-brother)

Joe Costner’s Early Life

Joe Costner was born into a family deeply embedded in the Hollywood scene. His father, Kevin Costner, is a celebrated actor and filmmaker known for his roles in iconic films like The Untouchables and Field of Dreams. Joe’s mother, Cindy Silva, met Kevin Costner. At the same time, they both attended California State University, Fullerton and her brief acting stints, including a role in LiteWeight, further rooted the family in the entertainment field.

From an early age, Joe was exposed to the film industry, which significantly shaped his career aspirations. He pursued a degree in History from the University of Colorado Boulder, but it was the world of film and sound that ultimately captured his professional interest.

How Old is Joe Costner?

Joe Costner was born on January 31, 1988, in Los Angeles County, California. As of 2024, he is 36 years old. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he is of American nationality and has a mixed ethnicity. Joe identifies as Christian.

Joe Costner is approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall with an estimated weight of around 190 pounds. His physical appearance is characterized by a sturdy build, light brown hair, and a resemblance to his father, Kevin Costner.

Joe Costner Professional Career

Joe Costner’s acting debut came early in his childhood. He appeared alongside his father in Tin Cup (1996) and The Postman (1997), marking his brief on-screen presence. Despite the allure of acting, Joe decided that his passion lay behind the camera, leading him to a different path within the same industry.

After his stint as a child actor, Joe Costner moved away from the spotlight to focus on audio engineering and production sound mixing. His involvement in these fields allowed him to blend his creative talents with technical skills, working on various projects to refine soundscapes and enhance movie productions audibly.

In a significant career milestone, Joe Costner founded Spartan Recording, an initiative that underscores his expertise and commitment to the industry. This company has enabled him to take on bigger projects, showcasing his ability to manage and deliver high-quality sound production for films and other media.

Joe Costner Siblings

Joe Costner

Joe Costner has three siblings: Annie Costner, Lily Costner, and Liam Costner. Annie Costner has followed in their father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry; she is a producer and co-founder of Sound Off Films, which produces documentaries and other film projects.

Lily Costner, similarly inclined towards the arts, pursued a career in music and is the lead singer of Kevin Costner & Modern West, a band in which she performs alongside their father. Liam Costner, Joe’s half-brother from Kevin Costner’s brief relationship with Bridget Rooney, has maintained a more private life away from the public eye of Hollywood.

Personal Insights and Lifestyle

Joe Costner is known for his down-to-earth personality and solid work ethic, traits that have earned him respect in the industry. Kevin Costner, in interviews, has often praised Joe’s grounded nature and the quality of his friendships, indicating a well-rounded individual respected by his peers.

Despite his family’s high profile, Joe maintains a relatively private life. He is known to value his personal space, focusing on his work rather than public exposure. This discretion has allowed him to develop his career without the constant scrutiny that often follows celebrity children.

Contributions and Achievements

Joe Costner’s expertise has made him a sought-after sound mixer in Hollywood. His work includes involvement in various capacities, from sound mixing to audio engineering, contributing significantly to the films’ overall production quality. His technical skills ensure that the auditory elements of films are both compelling and pristine.

One of the significant challenges Joe faced was stepping out of his father’s shadow and making a name for himself. His choice to work behind the scenes was a strategic move that allowed him to shine on his merits.

While Joe Costner might not have a cabinet full of awards like his father, his contributions to the industry have been crucial. His work ensures that the films he works on are not just visually stunning but also audibly captivating.

Joe Costner’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Joe Costner has an estimated net worth of $2 million, primarily earned through his career as an audio engineer and production sound mixer. In contrast, his father, Kevin Costner, boasts a net worth of approximately $250 million due to his successful career in Hollywood.

Joe Costner continues to work on various exciting projects through Spartan Recording. His role in the industry is evolving, with potential future endeavors that could further establish his reputation as a top sound engineer and producer.

Final Thoughts

Joe Costner represents a unique blend of Hollywood legacy, personal talent, and innovation. His journey from a child actor to a respected sound engineer illustrates his versatility and dedication. As he continues to build his career, the entertainment industry eagerly watches to see how this talented individual will further influence the world of film and sound.


Who is Joe Costner?

Joe Costner is an American audio engineer and production sound mixer known for being the son of Hollywood actor Kevin Costner.

What is Joe Costner’s net worth?

As of 2024, Joe Costner’s net worth is $2 million.

How old is Joe Costner?

Joe Costner is 36 years old as of 2024.

What has Joe Costner worked on?

Joe Costner has worked primarily behind the scenes in the entertainment industry as a sound engineer, notably founding Spartan Recording.

Does Joe Costner have any siblings?

Yes, Joe Costner has two sisters, Annie and Lily Costner, and a half-brother, Liam Costner.

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