Maria Burton Carson: All About Elizabeth Taylor’s Adopted Daughter

Meet Maria Burton Carson, the adopted daughter of Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Born on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany, Maria has carved out her identity as a fashion designer and philanthropist, steering clear of the spotlight that shone on her famous parents. This article explores the lesser-known details of her life, revealing the person behind the celebrity connection.

Maria Burton Carson’s Early Life

Born on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany, Maria Burton Carson was adopted by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1964. Her early life was marked by significant health challenges, including a deformed hip that required multiple surgeries.

Her adoption came at a high point in her parents’ careers, following their iconic collaboration on the film Cleopatra. Despite the public’s fascination with her adoptive parents, little is publicly known about her biological parents, underscoring her story’s privacy from the start.

How Old is Maria Burton Carson?

Maria Burton Carson was born on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany; she is 63 years old as of 2024. A Leo by zodiac sign, she holds American nationality and practices Christianity. Details about her ethnicity are not widely publicized.

Maria Burton Carson is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 140 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair, traits she carries with a quiet elegance.

Family Dynamics and Personal Life

Maria grew up amidst the tumultuous relationship of her adoptive parents, marked by passionate love and public scrutiny.

Her siblings include Michael Wilding Jr, Christopher Edward Wilding, and Liza Todd, Elizabeth Taylor’s biological children with previous husbands Michael Wilding and Mike Todd.

This blend of half-siblings from the entertainment industry added complex layers to her upbringing, balancing normalcy with extraordinary family dynamics.

Maria Burton Carson’s personal life has been a journey of both private joys and public challenges. She first married Daniel Steve Carson in a private ceremony in 1981, with whom she had her daughter, Elizabeth Carson, in 1982.

This marriage ended in 2000. In 2002, Maria found love again and married Tom McKeown, and they were blessed with a baby boy. However, similar to her first, this second marriage also ended in divorce.

Her personal experiences, including surviving gender-based violence, have remained a significant yet private part of her life story.

Professional Career

Professionally, Maria has made her mark as a fashion designer and philanthropist. Unlike her adoptive parents, who had high-profile careers in the entertainment industry, she has chosen paths that reflect her passion for creativity and helping others.

Specific details about her projects and philanthropic endeavors remain sparse, highlighting her preference for a life away from the media spotlight.

The fame of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton cast a long shadow over Maria’s life. She has faced accusations from ex-husbands of misusing her mother’s power and undue support, a claim that underscores the complexities of living with a famous lineage.

These controversies, while challenging, have also been met with her resilient desire for privacy and normalcy.

Maria Burton Carson’s life reflects a narrative of resilience and independence. Despite the colossal fame of her adoptive parents, she has strived to forge a legacy distinct from the Hollywood glitz associated with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Her contributions to fashion and philanthropy speak to a woman passionate about making a personal impact, separate from the inherited fame.

Maria Burton Carson’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Maria Burton Carson’s net worth is estimated at $500,000, a modest sum compared to her mother, according to celebrity net worth Elizabeth Taylor’s staggering $600 million at the time of her death.

Today, Maria Burton Carson lives a quiet life in Idaho, focusing on her interests and family away from the public eye. Her current activities, especially in humanitarian work or fashion, are not prominently in the public domain, aligning with her lifelong preference for privacy.

Final Thoughts

Maria Burton Carson’s life story is a testament to the strength of forging one’s path amidst overwhelming public fascination with one’s family. From her challenging start in Munich to her current life in Idaho, her journey is a compelling narrative of overcoming personal and public challenges while establishing a unique identity.


Who is Maria Burton Carson?

She is the adopted daughter of Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. She is known for her private life away from the limelight as a fashion designer and philanthropist.

How old is Maria Burton Carson?

Maria Burton Carson is 63 years old as of 2024.

What is Maria Burton Carson’s net worth?

Her net worth stands at approximately $500,000 as of 2024.

What is the relationship between Maria Burton Carson and Elizabeth Taylor?

In 1964, Elizabeth Taylor and her then-husband, actor Richard Burton, adopted Maria Burton Carson.

How many siblings does Maria Burton Carson have?

Maria has three siblings: Michael Wilding Jr, Christopher Edward Wilding, and Liza Todd, all of whom are Elizabeth Taylor’s biological children from previous marriages.

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