Evelyn Taft: Biography, Age, Career, Husband and Net Worth

Evelyn Taft is a well-known American meteorologist, currently enriching viewers with her weather forecasts on KCAL 9. With an engaging presence and a profound knowledge of meteorology, Taft has become a beloved figure in the Los Angeles media landscape. This article delves into her life, tracing her journey from her roots in San Francisco to her prominent role in broadcast journalism.

Profile Summary

Full Name Evelyn Taft
Date of Birth August 24, 1984
Age 39 years old
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Place of Birth San Francisco, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Russian-Jewish
Religion Not publicly documented
Height Approximately 5 feet 4 inches
Weight Between 125 and 132 pounds
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Education University of Southern California
Further Education Studied Meteorology at Mississippi State University
Occupation Meteorologist, News Anchor
Employer KCAL 9
Net Worth $1.5 million
Marital Status Married
Spouse Ross Resnick
Children Two (Elle Maxwell and Clifford Johnson)

Evelyn Taft’s Early Life

Evelyn Taft was born on August 24, 1984, in San Francisco, California. Her parents, originally from Moscow, Russia, imbued her with a rich Russian-Jewish heritage. This diverse cultural background has played a significant role in shaping her perspectives and professional ethos.

Taft’s educational journey began at Menlo High School in Atherton, California, where she first developed an interest in journalism and meteorology. She later attended the Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California, graduating in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Broadcast Journalism. Her passion for weather reporting led her to further her education at Mississippi State University, where she completed a course in Meteorology.

How Old is Evelyn Taft?

Evelyn Taft was born on August 24, 1984, making her 39 years old as of 2024. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Evelyn is an American national with Russian-Jewish heritage.

Evelyn Taft stands at approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs between 125 and 132 pounds. Her blonde hair and blue eyes complement her physical appearance.

Professional Career

Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft’s career took off at KCOY, where she worked as a night weather reporter and journalist. Her early experiences here laid the groundwork for her future successes in the field of meteorology.

After two years at KCOY, Taft moved to Los Angeles and joined the team at CBS2/KCAL 9. Her adept skill in weather forecasting soon earned her a Golden Mike Award for Best Weather Segment and a National Army Guild Award for her show “Military Minutes.” The National Weather Association has also granted her their prestigious Seal of Approval.

Evelyn Taft’s professional qualifications include a certification from the National Weather Association, underscoring her expertise in meteorology. Her career is decorated with numerous awards, reflecting her commitment to excellence in broadcast journalism.

Evelyn Taft’s Personal Life

Evelyn Taft is married to Ross Resnick, founder of the Roaming Hunger Organization, and they have two children, Elle Maxwell and Clifford Johnson. Besides her professional pursuits, Taft is an avid traveler, having explored various countries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Her interests also include sampling the diverse food truck scene.

Taft successfully balances her demanding career with a fulfilling family life. Her ability to manage these responsibilities while maintaining a public persona as a trusted meteorologist is a testament to her organizational skills and dedication.

Currently, Evelyn Taft continues to deliver weather reports on KCAL 9, always aiming to improve her craft and reach more viewers. Her future plans include expanding her educational outreach and continuing to be an influential figure in broadcast meteorology.

Evelyn Taft’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Evelyn Taft has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. She has amassed this wealth through her successful career as a meteorologist, news anchor, and reporter for various television stations, including her long-standing position at KCAL 9.

Evelyn Taft maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She uses these channels to connect with her audience, share important weather updates, and provide a glimpse into her personal life and professional endeavors.

Final Thoughts

Evelyn Taft stands out as one of the top television personalities in meteorology today. With her expert knowledge, charismatic delivery, and dedication to her community, she continues to be a prominent and respected figure in the world of broadcast journalism.


What is Evelyn Taft known for?

Evelyn Taft is known for her role as a meteorologist at KCAL 9, where she provides weather forecasts and reports.

How did Evelyn Taft begin her career in meteorology?

Evelyn began her meteorology career after graduating from Mississippi State University with a course in Meteorology and started as a weather reporter at KCOY.

Where did Evelyn Taft study journalism?

She studied Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at the Annenberg School of Journalism, University of Southern California.

Is Evelyn Taft married?

Yes, Evelyn is married to Ross Resnick, the founder of the Roaming Hunger Organization, and they have two children together.

How can I follow Evelyn Taft on social media?

Evelyn Taft is active on major social media platforms, including Twitter (@EvelynTaft), Facebook (Evelyn Taft), and Instagram (@evelyn_taft).

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