Tamiko Bolton: Life, Career, and Net Worth of George Soros’ Wife

Tamiko Bolton is a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist whose life took a public turn following her marriage to billionaire investor George Soros. Her journey from a dedicated pharmacist to a successful businesswoman and active philanthropist highlights her diverse capabilities and commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Profile Summary

Full Name Tamiko Bolton
Date of Birth March 1, 1971
Age 53 years old
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Place of Birth California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Japanese-American
Religion Not publicly disclosed
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)
Weight 60 kg
Marital Status Married
Spouse George Soros
Children None
Education Bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah; MBA from the University of Miami
Profession Pharmacist, Entrepreneur
Business Ventures Online vitamin sales, online yoga classes
Net Worth $5 million
Residence New York, USA

Tamiko Bolton’s Early Life

Tamiko Bolton was born on March 1, 1971, in California, USA, to a culturally diverse family. Her father, Robert J. Bolton, was a retired U.S. Navy officer, and her mother was a nurse of Japanese-American descent. Growing up in a family with such a rich heritage and dedication to service profoundly shaped her worldview and personal ethics.

For her education, Tamiko attended The University of Utah, where she showcased her academic prowess by earning a Bachelor’s degree. Her passion for health and wellness steered her towards pharmacy, leading her to become a certified pharmacist. Not stopping there, she furthered her education by obtaining an MBA from the University of Miami, equipping her with a robust foundation in business management.

How Old is Tamiko Bolton?

Tamiko Bolton was born on March 1, 1971, in California, USA, making her 53 years old as of 2024. She is a Pisces by zodiac sign, holds American nationality, and is of Japanese-American ethnicity. Tamiko Bolton stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and maintains a weight of approximately 60 kg.

Career Beginnings

After completing her educational journey, Bolton began her career as a pharmacist in a high-end health facility. This role not only honed her expertise in healthcare but also ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. Her continuous learning approach allowed her to transition into an education consultant role, further diversifying her professional experience.

Capitalizing on her background in health and wellness, Tamiko founded an online business that sold vitamins and dietary supplements. She also provided online yoga classes, merging her interests in health promotion and business. Her entrepreneurial ventures flourished, showcasing her ability to identify and leverage new business opportunities.

Tamiko Bolton’s Personal Life

Tamiko Bolton entered the global spotlight following her relationship and subsequent marriage to George Soros, a prominent billionaire investor. The couple met in 2008 at a dinner party and quickly formed a bond. Their engagement was announced in August 2012 after Soros proposed during a weekend at the beach in the Hamptons.

Their wedding took place in September 2013 in a non-denominational ceremony officiated by Judge Kimba Wood. The event was celebrated with around 500 guests, highlighting its grandeur. The couple encouraged their guests to donate to charity in lieu of wedding gifts, reflecting their philanthropic nature.

Something About George Soros

George Soros Net Worth

George Soros, born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary, is a renowned financier, philanthropist, and political activist whose impact on finance, philanthropy, and politics spans several decades. After surviving Nazi-occupied Hungary, Soros emigrated to England, where he attended the London School of Economics. Post-graduation, he moved to the United States, where he established himself as a powerful investment manager and the founder of the Quantum Fund, one of the first hedge funds.

Soros is best known for his role in “breaking the Bank of England” in 1992 when his aggressive currency trades netted a profit of $1 billion in a single day. Beyond his financial acumen, Soros is a significant figure in global philanthropy, having donated over $32 billion to his Open Society Foundations, which support democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression across the world. His contributions to social causes and political movements have made him a pivotal and sometimes controversial figure on the global stage.

Philanthropic Efforts

Beyond her business achievements, Tamiko is deeply committed to philanthropy. Together with her husband, she has been involved in numerous charitable activities. Their contributions have supported various causes, including education for underprivileged children and global initiatives such as aid for Syrian refugees.

Tamiko’s philanthropic work extends to her role at the Soros Fund Management, where she is not just a partner but also an advocate for progressive causes supported by the fund. Her efforts demonstrate a strong commitment to using wealth and influence to make a positive impact on the world.

Despite her efforts to maintain a private life, Tamiko Bolton has faced public scrutiny. In 2011, she was involved in a high-profile controversy when Adrianna Ferreyr, a former girlfriend of George Soros, filed a lawsuit against Soros. The lawsuit claimed that Soros promised an apartment to Ferreyr, which he later gave to Bolton. The dispute was eventually settled, and Bolton retained the apartment, demonstrating her resilience in the face of personal challenges.

Net Worth and Current Life

As of 2024, Tamiko Bolton has an estimated net worth of $5 million, a testament to her successful entrepreneurial ventures. Her husband, George Soros, has a substantial net worth estimated at $7 billion, reflecting his status as a major figure in global finance and philanthropy.

Today, Tamiko continues to lead a fulfilling life, balancing her professional engagements with philanthropic commitments. She remains an integral part of Soros Fund Management, focusing on strategic initiatives and charitable activities. Her story is a testament to how personal and professional fulfilment can align through dedication, hard work, and a commitment to bettering the world.

Final Thoughts

Tamiko Bolton’s journey from a pharmacist to a renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur is not just inspiring but also a blueprint for how diverse experiences can be woven into a meaningful life. Her marriage to George Soros, her business acumen, and her philanthropic efforts all paint a picture of a woman who is as much a thinker and strategist as she is a giver. Her life story encourages individuals everywhere to pursue their passions and use their capacities for the greater good.


Who is Tamiko Bolton?

Tamiko Bolton is an entrepreneur, pharmacist, and philanthropist, widely recognized after marrying financier George Soros.

How did Tamiko Bolton meet George Soros?

Tamiko met George Soros at a dinner party in 2008, and their relationship developed from there, leading to their marriage in 2013.

What are some of Tamiko Bolton’s business ventures?

Tamiko has launched and managed several businesses, including an online platform selling vitamins and dietary supplements and providing online yoga classes.

What philanthropic causes does Tamiko Bolton support?

Alongside her husband, she has been involved in numerous charitable activities, focusing on education, health, and global humanitarian efforts.

Has Tamiko Bolton been involved in any controversies?

Yes, in 2011, she was involved in a public controversy when George Soros’ ex-girlfriend sued Soros, claiming he had promised her the apartment that was given to Bolton. The issue was eventually settled in court.

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