Get to Know King Javien Conde: All About Erica Mena’s Son

King Javien Conde is a celebrity child widely recognized as the son of Erica Mena, an American model, actress, singer, video vixen, and reality TV personality, and the late Raul Conde, an American rapper and music video director. Despite his parent’s presence in the spotlight, the teenager prefers to live a private life away from public scrutiny. This article delves into King Javien’s upbringing, parents, and siblings, providing a comprehensive look at his life.

Profile Summary

Full Name King Javien Conde
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1 March 2007
Age 17 years old
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Place of Birth New York, United States
Current Residence Newburgh, New York, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican-Dominican
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 150 pounds
Father Raul Conde
Mother Erica Mena
Education Graduated high school at 16 years old
Current Focus Education

King Javien Conde’s Early Life

King Javien Conde was born on 1 March 2007 in New York, United States. King Javien spent his early years in a vibrant and culturally rich environment, reflecting his Puerto Rican-Dominican heritage. This cultural background plays a significant role in shaping his identity and upbringing.

King Javien Conde’s educational journey is noteworthy. He graduated from high school at 16 in 2023, a significant achievement that his mother, Erica Mena, proudly shared in an interview with Reality The King.

She expressed her pride in his accomplishment, emphasizing the sacrifices she made to ensure his success. Erica stated, “He is 16, graduating high school this year. I am so proud. So proud… That I will say I made it. I sacrificed a lot of time away from him to provide and get comfortable enough where I’m at, but I can never get that time back.”

How Old is King Javien Conde?

King Javien Conde was born on 1 March 2007, making him 17 as of 2024. His zodiac sign is Pisces, and he is an American national of Puerto Rican-Dominican ethnicity. His religion is not publicly known.

King Javien has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes; his estimated height is around 5 feet 8 inches, weighing approximately 150 pounds.

King Javien Conde’s Mother (Erica Mena)

Erica Mena, born on 8 November 1987, is an accomplished American actress, singer, model, video vixen, and reality TV star.

She gained fame by appearing in hip-hop music videos for artists like Fabolous, Chris Brown, Akon, and Fat Joe. Erica’s career took off as she became a model and video vixen, eventually leading to her prominent role in the reality television show “Love & Hip Hop,” where she appeared from 2011 until 2023 in both the New York and Atlanta seasons. Erica’s parents are Brian Mena and Sonia Mena.

King Javien Conde’s Father (Raul Conde)

Raul Conde

King Javien’s father, Raul Conde, was a well-known American rapper and video director. He made significant contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly as a Fat Joe’s Terror Squad member.

Raul Conde passed away on 22 November 2023 after suffering a heart attack at the age of 52. His influence in the music industry and his relationship with Erica Mena were crucial in shaping King Javien’s early life.

The relationship between Erica Mena and Raul Conde had its ups and downs. They started dating in 2000 when Erica was still a teenager and had an on-and-off relationship for over a decade.

Erica accused Raul of aggressive behaviour, which ultimately led to their breakup. Despite these challenges, Erica has always been dedicated to her son, making significant sacrifices for his well-being and success.

King Javien Conde’s Personal Life

King Javien prefers a low-key lifestyle away from the public eye. Despite his parents’ fame, he values his privacy. Rumours have circulated about his health, particularly regarding possible disabilities.

However, Erica Mena has publicly addressed these rumours, clarifying that her son is not autistic but an introvert. She stated, “My son is actually an introvert. Not autistic. So, let’s clarify that rumor. He is in school with dual enrollment. He is 13 years old and will be graduating high school with college credits at 14 going on 15.”

Does King Javien Conde Have Siblings?

Yes, King Javien has two half-siblings from his mother’s subsequent marriage to Safaree Lloyd Samuels, a Jamaican-American rapper and television personality.

Erica Mena and Safaree married on 7 October 2019 at the Legacy Castle in New Jersey. They have two children together: Safire Majesty Samuels and Legend Brian Samuels. Unfortunately, Erica and Safaree’s marriage ended in 2022.

King Javien Conde Net Worth

King Javien Conde

King Javien’s net worth is unknown as he is focused on his education. His mother, Erica Mena, has a net worth of $1 million, and his father, Raul Conde, had a net worth of $3 million at his death in 2023.

King Javien currently lives with his mother in Newburgh, New York. He is focused on his education, having graduated high school at 16 and is now preparing for his future endeavours while maintaining a private lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

King Javien Conde is a celebrity child known for being the son of Erica Mena and the late Raul Conde. Despite his parents’ fame, he prefers a private life, focusing on his education and personal growth. His story reflects the complexities of growing up in the spotlight while maintaining a sense of individuality and privacy. As he continues to navigate his path, King Javien’s journey remains a testament to the strength and resilience of a young man growing up in a high-profile family.


Who are King Javien Conde’s parents?

King Javien Conde’s parents are Erica Mena, an American model, actress, and reality TV personality, and the late Raul Conde, an American rapper and music video director.

How old is King Javien Conde?

King Javien Conde is 17 years old as of 2024.

Where does King Javien Conde live?

King Javien Conde lives with his mother, Erica Mena, in Newburgh, New York.

What is King Javien Conde’s ethnicity?

King Javien Conde is of Puerto Rican-Dominican ethnicity.

What is King Javien Conde focused on now?

King Javien Conde is focused on his education and maintaining a private lifestyle away from the public eye.

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