Eternal Oud: Maintaining Your Allure All Day Long

The resin of the Agar tree, Eternal Oud exudes deep hints from woody to sweet.

Oud is often referred to as “liquid gold” in the world of perfumes and is thought to be very rich and complex in its scent. From the invaluable resin of the tropical agar tree, Eternal Oud exudes deep hints from woody to sweet, with spices and dark fruits. At Eternal Perfume Oils, we understand the magnetic pull of Oud and how to make sure this allure is potent throughout the day.

Here are some expert tips to make your Oud fragrance last from dawn to dusk, so you can carry its enchanting essence with you.

Understanding the Unique Features of Oud

What most stands out about Oud is its individual scent profile, but also its natural staying power and depth. It’s a heavy scent, so hence the molecular makeup sticks to the fibers of your skin and clothes long after light scents would. This is what makes it great for bases that work with and last through long hours.

Maximising Long’s Oud

The following article gives out a few tips to make the mysterious fragrance of oud last longer.

Apply to Pulse Points

For a long-lasting scent, apply your Eternal Oud on pulse points, wherein warmth from your body will be able to help enhance the perfume’s effect. Some of the best places are on the wrists, behind the ears, the base of the throat, and even behind the knees.

Follow With an Unscented Moist


Layering can be a good way to make your fragrance last a little longer. Apply some unscented moisturizer first, then the oud perfume oil. The oil molecules bind better on moisturized skin, hence lowering the evaporation rate of the fragrance.

Reapply strategically

Even the longest-lasting perfumes can use a midday boost. Especially during days full of outdoor activities or when you have found yourself in environments with strong, competing scents, bring a small bottle of your favorite Oud perfume oil for an easy pick-me-up.

Apply it liberally to the inside of your wrists or at the back of your neck for the perfect pick-me-up.

For Clothing and Accessories

Its strong notes also make it ideal for lightly scenting wardrobes and accessories. A touch on scarves or in the lining of jackets will extend the life of the fragrance. Wait for the oil to get completely absorbed and dried to prevent staining.

Store Properly

Store your bottle of Oud perfume oil in a dark and cool place to preserve the quality and power of the scent within.

Sunlight or heat can compromise the quality of the oil, reducing its effectiveness and possibly changing its profile over time.

Oud and its Emotional Connection

What it actually does is make a physical presence and a deep psychological impact. Known for its deep, enveloping aroma, it is believed to help elevate mood, reduce stress, and boost confidence.

Wearing oud can create an air of mystery and luxury, making it perfect for making a great impression.


Eternal Perfume Oils presents Eternal Oud to you which is not an ordinary scent. It is a statement. A statement that speaks for yourself. Follow these tips to make sure that the lux scent you douse yourself with accompanies you through your day; your presence felt and lingering behind you. Each day is an opportunity with Oud to show off a side of your personality in a deeply scented way.

Let the timeless attraction of Oud define your days daily with the unarguable captivating essence.

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