Top 10 Card Issuance Platforms in the UK (2024)

Card issuance platforms are crucial in bridging the gap between innovative banking solutions and consumer needs. The UK, a significant fintech hub, hosts several leading companies specialising in card issuance. These platforms offer services ranging from debit and credit card production to digital banking solutions. This article will explore the UK’s top 10 card issuance platforms as of 2024, providing insights into their offerings, technology, and market impact.

1. Marqeta

Marqeta is renowned for its highly flexible and customizable card issuance platform, allowing businesses to manage and issue payment cards easily. Their platform supports various card types, including virtual, physical, and tokenized cards. Marqeta’s API-centric approach enables seamless integration with existing banking and business systems, making it a favourite among tech-savvy startups and established financial institutions.

2. Galileo Financial Technologies

Owned by SoFi Technologies, Galileo stands out for its robust API capabilities and extensive suite of financial products. The platform offers everything from standard debit cards to complex banking services like rewards integration and advanced fraud protection. Its versatility makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to expand their financial services.

3. Wirecard

Despite facing challenges in the past, Wirecard has managed to retain a strong presence in the UK’s card issuance market. They offer comprehensive services, including credit, debit, and prepaid card issuance. Wirecard’s platform focuses on security and innovation, providing clients with reliable and advanced card solutions.

4. GPS (Global Processing Services)

GPS is a pivotal player in the fintech sector, known for its agility and reliability. Their platform powers some of the most innovative fintech companies and challenger banks. GPS excels in providing bespoke card issuance services that cater to specific client needs, from transaction processing to program management.

5. Starling Bank

As one of the UK’s leading digital banks, Starling Bank offers card issuance as part of its broader banking services. Their in-house platform supports personal and business accounts with various card options. Starling’s strength lies in integrating banking and card services, providing a seamless user experience.

6. Curve

The curve is unique in its approach to card issuance. It allows users to consolidate multiple cards into a single Curve card, which can be controlled and managed through its app. This innovative solution simplifies the physical wallet and adds layers of security and convenience to daily transactions.

7. Revolut

Revolut has rapidly expanded from a travel card into a broad financial platform offering everything from cryptocurrency trading to budgeting tools. Their card issuance is highly regarded for its sleek design and integrated financial services, making it popular among tech-savvy consumers looking for more than just a traditional banking experience.

8. Paysafe

Paysafe focuses on specialized card solutions, particularly in online gaming, travel, and e-commerce sectors. Their platform offers both virtual and physical card issuance, with a strong emphasis on security and user-specific customization.

9. iCard

iCard is a digital wallet that offers instant issuance of virtual and physical cards along with innovative features like NFC payment tags. Their platform is designed for users who prioritize flexibility and security in digital payments.

10. Monese

Monese provides a straightforward and inclusive banking service emphasising banking for immigrants and expats who might struggle to open traditional bank accounts. Their card issuance service is integral to their offer, providing a lifeline for those needing immediate banking services without the usual bureaucratic hurdles.


A blend of innovation, security, and customization characterizes the card issuance platforms in the UK. These platforms cater to traditional banking needs and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital finance. As the fintech sector continues to grow, these top players are expected to lead the way, shaping the future of financial services with each card issued. Whether for personal use or business applications, these platforms provide the tools necessary to meet the diverse needs of today’s digital economy.

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